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Program Profile: PROS

Animated family holding hands outsideHappy Spring Everyone!

This month we are featuring our Personalized Recovery-Oriented Services (PROS) program. The PROS program offers participants a robust schedule of activities from which they, together with their case managers, create in order to meet their personal goals and objectives. PROS incorporates a range of activities and education that address living independently, employment counseling, continuing education opportunities, and medication management. Participants engage in educational, creative, and supportive groups with their peers in a safe, person-centered environment.
The month of March is National Nutrition Month and in celebration, our friends from FeedMore WNY will be joining several of our programs including PROS, to provide tips and tricks around healthy eating and snacking.
PROS is open Monday through Friday.

If you would like information about PROS, or any of our programs, please call: Envision Wellness at (716) 877-6763.

From PROS Staff:

“JG has been working in the community for over 2 years now with the support of our Employment Specialist. It has been inspiring to see him grow as a person and take on more responsibility. He is currently saving for a car which is something that seemed out of reach a few years ago. JG motivates us!” PROS Program Director

“Many PROS members have mentioned enjoying the flexibility with the PROS schedule over the previous CDT schedule. They also like that our schedule changes every 12 weeks.”
PROS Assistant Program Director