New York State Office of Mental Health Licensed Clinics

We provide a wide range of Out Patient Behavioral Health services to individuals with emotional, psychiatric, behavioral or interpersonal symptoms.

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Telehealth Counseling

Improve your Mental Health without leaving the comfort of your home.

Mental Health Clinic

Individuals 18 years and older receive individualized services for acute or chronic conditions requiring long- or short-term treatment. This clinic specializes in serving patients with a history of multiple psychiatric hospitalizations. Options for treatment includes; Psychiatric assessment, medication management and in-home therapy, in person or remotely.  In addition, treatment can be provided to less acute conditions such as symptoms of anxiety, depression or other mood disorders.

Spanish speaking counselor available to provide behavioral health treatment.


Open 9-5 daily with evening hours available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday until 8

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Family Success Center

Coming Soon. The Family Success Center will provide treatment for children, adolescents, and families by 2022.  Call us to find out more

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Envision PROS

Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROS) is a comprehensive recovery-oriented program for adult individuals with severe and persistent mental illness. We integrate treatment, support, and rehabilitation in a manner that facilitates the individual’s recovery and helps them reach their personal goals. Some patients have seen improvement in relationships, housing situations, expanded education, and decreased inpatient utilization.

Within PROS, there are four distinct service components.

Community Rehabilitation and Support (CRS): to engage individuals in managing their lives and restoring skills and support necessary for being successful within the community

Intensive Rehabilitation (IR): is a customized package of rehabilitation and support services. IR offers targeted interventions to reduce the risk of hospitalization or to assist in the stabilization of recent acute psychiatric / chemical dependency relapse.

Ongoing Rehabilitation and Support (ORS): provides flexibility in the off-site support and maintenance of obtaining competitive employment. ORS can also support individuals in managing their symptoms in a competitive workplace.

Clinic Treatment (CT): Clinic Treatment can be provided by Envision Clinic that can offer psychiatric and health assessments, medication management, symptom monitoring, and clinical counseling.

PROS services may provide an alternative to more expensive mental health services. PROS helps people stay in their community while still getting the services they need.


Open 9-5 daily at 406 Vulcan St. Buffalo NY 14207

Wellness Community

Wellness Community is a unique comprehensive and intensive program for individuals who are having significant difficulties in life due to mental illness who have a serious and persistent mental health diagnosis. They may also have a co-occurring substance use disorder. The program provides general therapy, addresses symptoms and negative habits, and helps build coping life skills while working toward a more independent level of functioning. Participants often attend several days per week with visits and attend several one-hour group sessions dependent on their needs. In a group delivery format, participants are provided interventions that focus on a harm reduction recovery model of both mental health and substance use disorder symptoms.


Open 9-5 Daily at 2495 Elmwood Ave. Buffalo NY 14217

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